The GOP vs YOUR Healthcare

If you’re just tuning in, this is not a rerun. The GOP continues to take shots at the Senate healthcare firewall, chipping away at your coverage like the Russians ping servers on Election Day — looking for any signs of weakness or vulnerability. Despite the fact that 6 months into the new administration, there has been exactly 0 (as in zero) pieces of major legislation passed, the GOP leaders keep attacking, looking for the right combination of GOP senators to get 50 votes.

Some may wonder, why keep up the attack? Why do they keep trying to take away healthcare? There are multiple reasons. I mention 3 below.

First, it’s political. They promised “repeal” to their supporters and they feel the need to deliver — or risk being “primaried” on the right by a more conservative opponent. That’s the driver of so much in Washington — the fear of losing an election. It’s morally bankrupt, but for some GOP senators, it’s the sad truth.

Second, Republicans want to cut Medicaid because that’s where the money is for their corporate and individual tax reform plans. So long as expanded Medicaid is in the budget for low-income working families, the disabled, or the poor, they will keep trying to open up that “piggy bank” and use the money they find to move Medicaid dollars out and corporate tax breaks in so they can avoid widening the budget deficit.

Third, the GOP is ideologically against the government being involved in health care. It’s the traditional “government-run” scare tactic used for years — and it’s false. The real inefficiency lies in giving power to the insurance companies and dumping 22 million people off health care to promote the same free market system that, up until 2010, left millions more people uninsured.

No matter how you look at it, the math of “repeal and replace” doesn’t add up. And when it comes to the number of votes needed to repeal — we must not let it get to 50! 22 million people losing health care is immoral and will cost the United States up to a half million jobs — the number created under the Affordable Health Care Act. It would be a self-inflicted wound that would demoralize our country, leave millions financially vulnerable, cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs, and lead to awful health outcomes for those afraid to go to the doctor for fear they will never get out of debt. We need to work in a bi-partisan fashion to fix the ACA in the short-term — stabilizing the markets — and then work on a longer-term plan that provides high-quality universal health care coverage at affordable rates.

Keep up your calls, your emails, and your letters! Make your voice heard today and tomorrow, next week and next month — particularly on primary Election Day, August 15! This will be the first step we take towards turning Alabama BLUE and electing a Democratic senator who will stand guard for you on that healthcare wall!