Trial and Triumph – Leadership for Alabama

I’m honored and excited to be running for the opportunity to represent the many communities and rural areas in Baldwin County that make up District 32.  I’m running for this seat because I firmly believe we need leaders with new ideas and new strategies to help our state take the next step forward, not settling for what has been but striving for what could be.

Public service is a noble profession, rooted in the principle of working for others, not for your own personal gain.  I love politics and policy; finding common-sense ways to make people’s lives better and bringing folks together instead of tearing your opponents down.  We can do better.

I believe real leadership is forged through adversity and struggles; often the result of wisdom and humility gained through perseverance in a period of great challenge.  I have seen my share of difficult days.  From the birth of my daughter at just 27 weeks, to her unexpected diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder and a learning disability.  And then to the sudden passing of my young wife, which left a void in my life in countless ways.

I understand the tough decisions many families are forced to make.  Whether it’s caring for a dependent or parent, advocating for a child to receive the education they deserve, or navigating the financial pitfalls of a struggling healthcare system.  I understand these decisions because I am making these same choices every day for my daughter and her future.  It certainly isn’t easy.  Still, I’ve been fortunate and blessed to be supported by family and friends – and to have experienced the many opportunities and rewards I have thus far in life.  I do not take that for granted and I am stronger today because of my experiences.

For the first time in well over a decade, voters in Baldwin County have the opportunity to choose a new path forward.  We can leave the partisan politics of division behind without sacrificing our goals or convictions.  We can give our kids a first-class education, bring good-paying jobs to the region, and ensure that quality, affordable health care is available to those in need while saving our rural hospitals and keeping critical care available to smaller communities.

If we want to realize our state’s full potential, we must elect ethical leaders who understand the challenges you face and can work together to solve problems.  I invite you to join our campaign; our movement to restore trust in our government, building a stronger Baldwin County and a stronger Alabama, together.