Spanish Cove Meet and Greet

I attended a wonderful meet & greet in Spanish Cove today with residents of the community. There were approximately 20 candidates present that were running for various offices. I was the only Democrat.

Some might ask why I would go to a “Republican area” and stump for support? Well, first — there are Democrats there, too. But second, if I’m going to represent the people, I’m going to represent ALL the people — not just the ones who would align themselves with the Democratic party. I get off the beaten path for a traditional candidate because I believe every vote counts and every person matters. That is always how I campaign and there’s a strong chance I’ll be the only Democrat at many functions along this journey. I’m perfectly comfortable if that’s the case. I can handle the tough questions, from voters or candidates.

I’m a Democrat and proud to be one. I believe the ideals I stand for speak to the best in people and hopefully make them want to vote “for” somebody instead of “against” somebody. I believe my principles lie firmly in what is right for District 32 and the people of Alabama. And I feel more than qualified to do this job. But, I also don’t have every answer to every question. And while I have opinions – some strong in conviction – I’m open to listening to other ideas and harness the collective best our people and elected officials have to offer. That is how we make a better Alabama.

Many thanks to the wonderful residents of Spanish Cove and the many candidates who extended their warmest welcome. I appreciated sharing the microphone with you for a few minutes today.