We Cannot Afford to Let Workers Fall Through the Cracks

We have been asking some questions on social media and at our events on the campaign trail.  It is important to me that we take the time to listen to the concerns that most affect our district and out state.  Here was a recent question we asked:

What are the biggest issues your parents are facing in terms of having enough to live and healthcare? (more…)

The Impact of the Gender Pay Gap

We can no longer afford to tolerate an employment system still filled with significant amounts of inequity. The irony is, a system of unequal pay distribution favoring certain employees eventually costs more in long run due to increased turnover of good employees, additional learning curves for their replacements, and a work environment less productive because it is not built on trust. (more…)

Tax Status Should Not Affect Daycare Licensing

Time and time again, we fail to protect our kids in the name of freedom — in this case, religious freedom. The issue at hand is whether churches that provide daycare services should be subject to licensing by the state. Within that question is the difference between for-profit daycares run by churches and those churches that run daycares but do not receive state or federal dollars. (more…)

The Parent Trap in Job Interviews

This article may be a real eye-opener for you. I encourage you to take a few minutes and read through it. As a single father of a special needs child, I understand the challenges that parents face with the work-home balance. When my wife passed away unexpectedly in 2012, my daughter was just 2 years old. I was fortunate to have a job that worked from home, but it involved regular travel out of town.  My employer at the time was very reasonable and understood my situation. I was fortunate to work with many great people, and I had my wife’s family to help with my daughter when I needed to travel. We pieced it together to make it work, but it was not easy. (more…)

Trial and Triumph – Leadership for Alabama

I’m honored and excited to be running for the opportunity to represent the many communities and rural areas in Baldwin County that make up District 32.  I’m running for this seat because I firmly believe we need leaders with new ideas and new strategies to help our state take the next step forward, not settling for what has been but striving for what could be. (more…)