Endorsed! Alabama Police Benevolent Association

I’m honored to have been selected for endorsement by the Alabama Police Benevolent Association. With over 5,000 members statewide, the APBA provides critical services to our men and women in uniform that serve our communities. I’m humbled that they have chosen to support my campaign for state Senate!

Higher Oil Prices Can Weaken Economy

Higher oil prices can weaken even the strongest economy. They increase production costs for businesses that can spur inflation, they weaken consumer demand as people have less disposable income, and they add uncertainty to the markets as long-term growth becomes much murkier and difficult to gauge. (more…)

We Cannot Afford to Let Workers Fall Through the Cracks

We have been asking some questions on social media and at our events on the campaign trail.  It is important to me that we take the time to listen to the concerns that most affect our district and out state.  Here was a recent question we asked:

What are the biggest issues your parents are facing in terms of having enough to live and healthcare? (more…)

The Impact of the Gender Pay Gap

We can no longer afford to tolerate an employment system still filled with significant amounts of inequity. The irony is, a system of unequal pay distribution favoring certain employees eventually costs more in long run due to increased turnover of good employees, additional learning curves for their replacements, and a work environment less productive because it is not built on trust. (more…)