Green Energy Investment for Sustainable Economic Growth

Balancing the budget while growing the economy is the only certain way to lower the national debt and secure our economic stability.  To accomplish this task, we need targeted investments that provide the good-paying jobs of tomorrow for workers, but which also pay dividends to the overall economy.  Energy efficient solutions and green technology is the logical step towards achieving this goal.  Alabama has an opportunity to play a leadership role in this effort by improving our ranking of 48 out of 50 states in renewable energy use based upon the 2015 ASCE Infrastructure Report Card.

The United States must be the global leader in combined effort between government, business, and the private technology sector.  Focuses such as retrofitting buildings to use less energy, investing in technological advances to further reduce our dependence on petroleum, and maintaining international climate change agreements, such as the Paris Treaty of 2015, that seek to reduce global temperatures through the reduction of known greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane.  This will have both a short and long-term impact on the economy, creating more and better jobs in the green industry and positively impacting the economy through steady increases in energy savings.  We must help secure America’s place as the undisputed leader of the next global economic expansion that is driven by the technology and entrepreneurship that are hallmarks of American ingenuity.

Wind-farming has become a leading supply of renewable energy in many states, including California, Iowa, and Texas.