Family Values

Policymakers must accept that economics play a role in strengthening or weakening the family unit.  Elected officials are tasked with providing the framework for how we keep real family values at the center of our priorities.  This begins with giving families more opportunity to maintain a healthy balance between work and home.  This includes access to quality, affordable healthcare, offering additional paid flex-time and leave for single and working parents, raising median household wages, further strengthening oversight to discourage and prosecute gender-based pay discrimination, and reigning in abusive practices that overwork salaried employees to the detriment of the family bond.  The family values we all wish to achieve can only be realized through a combination of policy that allows for reasonable progress toward that objective and community responsibility that continues to keep focus on how we best raise our children to be productive, responsible citizens.  Specifically, we must:

  • Allow more flex-time for families caring for a disabled child or elderly parent.
  • Raise the minimum wage to keep pace with inflation and cost of living.
  • Pay women equal wages for equal work.  No woman in today’s workforce should face the humiliation of being paid less for a job that they are as equally qualified as a man to hold.