Middle Class

Empowering the Middle Class and Reducing Wealth Gap

In the past 40 years, we have seen a steady decline in the middle class and a corresponding growth in the gap between our wealthiest individuals and our poorest.  An economy with such significant difference is not sustainable. When the socio-economic differences are set at the extremes, it causes friction, misunderstanding, and class conflict that is perpetuated and exploited by politicians.  Increasing the median household wage and lifting families out of poverty must be a national priority.  It is in the economic and moral interest of every American, whether a high or low income individual, to work together in bringing down those barriers that prevent upward movement on the economic ladder of success.  We are only as strong as those we leave behind.

Rebuilding a healthy and vibrant middle class will take time and will not be easy, but it can be done.  We must work together to restructure the corporate tax structure by closing loopholes, bringing offshore revenue and assets back to America for reinvestment, and incentivizing businesses to keep jobs here rather than seek cheaper labor outside our borders.  We must invest in a new path forward for public education, leveraging the unique federalist form of government to ensure both the fulfillment of baseline standards at the federal level while allowing our states to be the true laboratories of creative instruction.  We must encourage corporations to invest in their employee’s well-being and health well beyond the standard wellness program, removing impediments to stress management and exercise.  Doing so will improve health outcomes and keep costs lower for both employees and employers.

The Growing Wealth Gap – The percentage of income the top 1% of earners represent in the United States. Today’s levels are approaching the years prior to the Great Depression.