Political Integrity

Eliminating Corruption; Restoring Integrity

The people of Alabama have lost confidence in their elected officials. The continued political scandals and government corruption have damaged the reputation of our state.  We must be dedicated to restoring integrity and reasonable debate in government or risk creating an environment intolerable of new ideas that can take Alabama to greater heights. The people of Alabama need pragmatic leadership from our next senator, not a poll-tested politician who serves as a rubber stamp to the executive branch.  The constitution was created intentionally to provide a system of checks and balances so that one branch of government does not gain too much power.  We must restore the Senate to a place of high ideals and distinguished policy debate, not one that simply votes in lockstep with the President.

Alabamians need effective policies that once again open economic opportunity to the middle class, secure the availability of quality, affordable health care for every citizen, and promote real family values.  We need to protect our most vulnerable citizens from discriminatory practices, particularly those with pre-existing conditions, disabilities, and our seniors.  We cannot afford to let our politicians divide us up into groups and subgroups for the sole purpose of winning elections and assuming power.