Protecting the natural beauty and resources of Baldwin County will be a top priority of my legislative agenda.  Whether it involves our picturesque coastline that attracts tourists and seasonal visitors, the beautiful Mobile Bay views of the Eastern Shore, or affects the interior farmlands that export so many of the agricultural and landscape products in our region, our livelihood and sense of community relies greatly on a clean and healthy environment.

Baldwin County is the fastest growing county in Alabama since 2010.  Any Baldwin County resident can tell you why — it’s a beautiful place to live.  However, we are bordering dangerously on over-developing our land and coastal property, pushing our infrastructure past its capability and creating environmental hazards around the county.  We must:

  • Not allow overdevelopment purely for economic gain
  • Strengthen our infrastructure for current residents
  • Protect our inland and coastal waterways
  • Protect our wildlife and preserve our natural beauty